Fashion / Outfit Challenges

SuperStyle: Ivan

Every hero needs a good ol’fashioned villain, and in Iron Man’s case…Ivan is not different.

Disgruntled scientist (Hmmm I’m sensing a trend here) makes a deal with the deal and messes everything up.

His signature weapon are his whips with an Arc Reactor he has created.

Ivan also has a very distinct style. Unfortunately, I am not covered in tattoos and I do not feel quite as comfortable topless as he seems to feel.


I used a vest to represent his weapon, and a scarf as the whips. Do I need to say it again? I think so! YAY innovation.

IMG_0052 IMG_0057

Since he busted out of jail, orange, in his case, is the new black. I used both!



I naturally went with a motorcycle boot to add that extra level of baddassery.

Of course, I found you all some goodies.


Zooshoo Vest

Target Vest


Blue Fly Dress

Gilt Dress

Modcloth Dress


Madewell Boot

Flannels Boot

Time to go WHIP up some trouble.

much love xx.


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